7 ways to get a flat belly

What is the first thing you see when you look at the mirror? Your belly, right? We are always staring at this area imagining how good we could look if we had a flat belly. Then we start making promises: "I'll start on Monday". But apparently, Monday never comes and we never start pursuing our goal.

Having a flat and toned abdomen is not that difficult, all we need is: healthy eating and exercises. The first one helps us to purify our body; the second helps us to tone the muscles.

So let's get to work now! If you want to have a flat and beautiful abdomen, you must follow these tricks:


1.- Drink a lot of water. Digestive problems due to lack of fiber and liquid can make your stomach look bigger. If you drink a lot of water you will work more fat in the body and little by little the metabolism will help your abdomen to look less big.

2.- Drink warm lemon water every morning. It is highly purifying and it is pretty aggressive too, so you must start consuming it carefully. You can also add oranges to room temperature water and drink it several times a day.

3.- Ginger tea. Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory and digestive too. One centimeter of its root will be enough to prepare a cup of tea that will purify your body.


4.- Eat small portions of food several times a day, instead of just three, it will help your digestive system. Eat low-lactose foods such as yogurt, only small amounts. Eat slowly and try to consume potassium-rich foods, such as avocado, banana, papaya, mango and melon. Potassium is a natural diuretic, so it will help you to eliminate retained liquids and reduce inflammation.


5.- Do some aerobic exercises. Do abdominal exercises to strengthen the front and side of your abdomen. Just lying down and lifting your legs for 20 seconds is enough, with series of 4 and resting. Alternating various exercises between belly and legs is ideal to get a flat belly.

Tricks you did not know:

6.- Contract the abdomen. You must take a few minutes of the day to contract the belly. Sit down and release your abdomen, do it 10 times and that's it.

7.- Improve your position. Standing upright will make you notice a great difference in your body. This trick goes hand in hand with the previous one because in the end the habit will help you keep your abdomen always contracted. The muscles get used to it, so they acquire another position, making you almost magically look thinner.

Follow these tips and then tell us your experience. See you next time.


Yelitza Coronado


Rinie Marin
Fitness Club, the best option to face pollution

Breathing toxic air is dangerous for our health. The damages it causes have increased in such a way that Universities and Health Organizations are trying to warn everyone who exercise in contaminated areas; they say it is better to go to Fitness Clubs, since they are the healthiest option for us.

This atmospheric pollution issue has been considered by the World Health Organization as one of the main things that affect people's health in America.

In the last World Health Assembly, they talked about the levels of pollution in the world. These levels are so high that they are clearly dangerous for our health. We can even feel it and see it in the cities, because there's fog (smoke) everywhere, and fog has toxic components. Did you know that 1 in 9 deaths happen as a result of air pollution? This is actually serious!

The WHO wants us to understand that the air pollution can cause negative effects on our health and they can be in the short or long-term, so we must be always careful.

More Gym, less environmental pollution

According to the Zuyd University, in Netherlands, outdoor exercises are not healthy activities due to the high levels of pollution we get exposed to.

This is another serious issue caused by ultraviolet rays. They are also causing more and more skin, eyes and neck cancer. UV rays have a cumulative and sometimes irreversible effect on the skin: they accelerate the aging process and cause wrinkles.

So now, Fitness Clubs are the healthiest option when it comes to choosing a place to exercise. You can go at any time of the day and enjoy a healthy environment without pollution and without UV rays.

A good club must have a good air purifier so each one of its members can breathe healthy air, with no dust particles. Let's make the decision, let's join a healthy gym, the one that takes care of us and encourages us to pursue our goals.

Are you taking care of your health? How are the pollution levels in your city?

  Take care of your image, but take care of your organism first.

See you next time!


Yelitza Coronado

Rinie Marin
Get dressed to train


Exercising should be a pleasant experience in every way possible. You must know that the results are considerably better when you wear the right clothes, so today we remind you to get dress to train.

If you want to look flawless while you train, you must wear the type of fabric, color and texture that is perfect for your body. Although the training clothes are beautiful, it is not the same to see mannequins wearing them as it is to see you. The measurements and physical texture are vital to find the right training clothes.

There are certain keys to have in mind when we are choosing training clothes. In order to feel great while you train, you should choose a comfortable, fresh and light clothing. Do not dress up in fashionable gym clothes, dress up to show your figure. 

Dressing properly to do your workouts can help you train better, in fact a lightweight and comfortable clothing can give you greater resistance.

You must have in mind that many colors together can distort your image, body-tight clothing can disfigure or enlarge some areas of your body, short clothes can exaggerate your rear or legs and bigger clothes can make it very boring. The moment you are getting dress to train, your goal must be a harmonious outfit.

You do not need to wear thick clothes with a lot of texture, what you really need is: thin and fresh clothes to provide freshness to your body, as well as if you are very thin or if you are overweight you should not wear tight clothes.

It is also important to have a good attitude and show your particular style, however, you should not forget these tips:

* Never wear tight shirts.

* Do not use thick textures that prevent sweat from leaving your skin.

* You should not wear leather or plastic clothes; it is unattractive and harmful because it can heat the body too much.

* Do not wear any type of heavy wardrobe or shoes or overloaded accessories.

* Women should go to the gym with good bras.

* Do not use hairstyles or ornate make-up. You can use makeup only in your eyes and mouth so that the pores breathe.

* Never wear watches, bracelets, or large rings, no accessories that bother you when lifting weights or doing coordination exercises.

* It is not recommended to use caps in gyms, for aesthetics or because it is not a necessary accessory.

* Do not wear pants or tight tights because they do not allow you to do your leg and glute routines as required.

* Never use belts or other accessories to get people's attention.

Never forget these simple but important tips, I assure you that you will always be remembered for the way you dress to train. See you next time.

Yelitza Coronado

Rinie Marin
Exercise is medicine

A few years ago, the World Health Organization created a major initiative to remind the entire world that "Exercise is medicine" for the organism, as a warning for millions of people around the globe suffering from health problems caused by their sedentary life.

Supported by the American College of Sports and Medicine (ACSM) and the (AMA) American Medical Association, the WHO wanted to make clear how important sports and physical activities are; not only for prevention, but as treatments for chronic diseases .

The WHO let people know that physical inactivity is a health problem because it carries diseases as alarming as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis; and it is known that sports, or any other activity that includes movement, is effective for the treatment of these chronic diseases.

In 2009 studies revealed, that the first cause of death in the United States was having a sedentary lifestyle, because more than 50% of adults did not comply the health standards to live a healthy life.

These studies also determined that a different lifestyle could change-up to more than 40% the chances of dying prematurely, above the genetic and environmental, so people took actions with information and prevention programs in educational and health centers.

Today it is worth insisting that a low physical activity level exposes the person to continue vices such as tobacco, excess food, drugs and many others; these are enough reasons to add exercise to our lives.

Studies continue to reveal that physical activity can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 50%, colon cancer by 60%, incidences of heart disease and arterial problems by 40%, type II diabetes in almost 60%, stroke risk in 27%, Alzheimer's disease in 40%. It also decreases depression and drug addiction considerably.

There are definitely no excuses; we must add exercise to our daily life. Avoid diseases in your life, activate your body and get healthy so you can live your life to the fullest. See you next time…

Yelitza Coronado


Rinie Marin
The goal: A toned body

We all want to have a toned figure. In order to do it, you have to start with an exercise routine that must increase in intensity so you can progress.

When people talk about toning, people always think about drawing those desired squares on their abdomens, but depending on the rush we have we can make long changes in time or perform large stages like the bodybuilders do, that depends on the preferences of each person.

If a person wants to tone their body, but this person is overweight, the first step is to perform a stage to eliminate a lot of fat. This stage should not consist on countless hours of cardiovascular exercise, but you must do intense and well-planned exercises, accompanied by a hypocaloric diet. Cardiovascular exercise can be a way to go faster in this phase, but it is not strictly necessary in all cases.

When it comes to a thin person with some flaccidity, this person must start training strength and hypertrophy routines, trying to keep extra calories.

We must also forget about the myth that ensures that more weight will generate bigger muscles in a few days.

The key to tone muscles is to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. However, following an extreme diet and a strict regime of exercise can take away from your body the nutrients and energy it needs to build muscle mass and you will not achieve the goal of toning the body.

Muscle tone is also achieved by eating nutritious foods. The idea is to provide the body with the basic components it needs to increase muscle mass and make it eliminate fat so that the tone of the muscles can be appreciated. Make sure you consume enough protein, lots of fruits and vegetables, and whole grains for energy.

After the feeding comes the lifting of weights, which is the most efficient and fastest way to increase muscle mass in the most important muscle groups: legs, arms and torso. During the first week, leave a day of rest in between.

If you can not go to a gym but you still want to achieve muscle tone in your home using dumbbells, an elastic band, a ball of pilates and medicine ball, you can try it.

 Do not forget to work the torso, the results will be seen in the first two weeks.

With these little tips you will already know what to do to tone up your body. See you next time.

Yelitza Coronado

Rinie MarinComment
Improve your self-esteem with an active lifestyle

You get up, you look at yourself in the mirror and you ask yourself the same questions every day. You go out and you feel like nobody looks at you. You used to receive a lot of compliments before, what happened? What changed? The only problem is your low self-esteem. This can happen to anybody. If you want to improve your self-esteem, an active life will help you.

Looking good not only depends on nice clothes and accessories or a good haircut and make-up, it also depends on having a healthy body.

When you live with low self-esteem you have a negative perception of your body and you tend to look ugly; if you are overweight the negativity is bigger. Therefore, no medicine will be more effective than sports, because exercise produces endorphins, and endorphins produce happiness.

Endorphins are neurotransmitter hormones and they produce happiness from the brain. They increase exponentially with intense physical exercise. They are responsible for reducing pain and providing a positive mood and wellness. With physical activity our level of endorphins increases and our body chemistry predisposes us to see life in a much more positive way.

It is known that low self-esteem leads to problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, and if the person does not realize about this predisposition soon enough, it can cause more serious problems, but how to know when it is necessary to get active to avoid this?

Pay attention to these symptoms: You are insecure, you do not express your likes or opinions for fear of being rejected or for thinking that your opinions do not have the same value as the opinions of others, you do not feel worthy of the good things of life, you do not strive to get what you want, because you think you will not achieve it in advance, you do not relate to others as you would like, you need the approval of others all the time, you let them impose you things, you see other people as superior to you, you do not make decisions, you always think about your weaknesses, you do not feel attractive, you envy other people, you are almost never happy with what you do and you never show a happy attitude.

Did you know that exercises can improve your self-esteem and make you feel happy?

Exercises provide a healthier mood to our lives. So, what does exercise actually do to improve our mental health?

Check these tips:

* It improves your posture: exercise helps to align the back and joints. A straight, firm posture speaks about the kind of person you are. Erect back is the key.

* It provides tonicity: movement makes you lose fat, so you start noticing muscular tonicity. This helps you to look better.

* It promotes overcoming: when someone decides to make a lifestyle change with exercises, it is an important decision and it immediately affects the mentality of the decision maker, who feels brave.

* It helps to improve relationships: doing exercises is always equivalent to have some company and this is vital to improve self-esteem, because there is an added value that is received with enthusiasm.

You know that increasing your self-esteem is always going to depend on you, nobody else. See you next time.

Yelitza Coronado

How to optimize your breathing while exercising

When we are training, the oxygen demand is much higher, so we must go to continuous breathing to optimize our training session performance and get results as soon as possible. As long as we learn to breathe properly, we will avoid fatigue and our exercise will be longer.

Breathing is a vital activity when we do physical exercises; because that is the only way our muscles and tissues can oxygenate, fulfill their functions and provide energy for movement.

One of the most frequent mistakes when we perform physical exercise is to retain the air before an effort, especially in loaded exercises or exercises that require certain muscular resistance. Breathing is also an important part in the correct technical execution of any activity.

The oxygen demand increase every time we move; therefore, the body optimizes its operation to get the air it needs, but we can have a greater control over respiratory movements that allow us to improve our sport performance.

We experience fatigue because of the extra work our muscles receive, hence the need to have good blood flow and oxygen through breathing.

A scientific way to explaining breathing is that when you inhale the air it is poured into microscopic air sacs in the lungs called alveoli, where oxygen is supplied to the red blood cells and carbon dioxide is transferred from the blood to the air in the alveoli. Oxygen-rich blood flows to the heart, which then pumps throughout the body. Then, carbon dioxide is exhaled.


You should also know that the respiratory center of your brain is the one that sends the messages to the respiratory muscles, telling them when to breathe. This is automatic; you do not have to think about it.

Breathing according to each activity

According to studies an athlete can determine his level of effort during the exercise and how strong he should be breathing. For less intense exercises, such as walking, you should not breathe so hard; you should be able to hold a conversation. For intense exercise, like running, you have to breathe faster, but you should still be able to speak with short phrases.

Everything will depend on the activity. Breathing is also important when stretching. Flexibility training helps prevent cramping, stiffness and injuries. It is also noticed that the correct breathing technique when lifting weights is to inhale before lifting the weights and exhaling during the course of the lifting or movement.

There are emotional states that require good breathing. Abdominal breathing is one of the best exercises used to reduce anxiety. It is all about breathing with the diaphragm, which is the muscle that makes the lungs work. So the whole body concentrates in relaxing, and it is scientifically proven that this increases the amount of oxygen that we introduce into the brain; this causes a greater state of calmness.

In our Club we take care of you while you are in the process of accomplishing your goals. All we want is to make your start in this awesome fitness world more pleasant. See you next time…

Yelitza Coronado

Effective training for beginners

Joining a Fitness Club will always be an advantage, but doing exercises without proper instructions is detrimental. If you are a beginner, you need to get advice from the experts; they will know what you need to do depending on whether you want to lose weight or tone up your figure.

If you want to lose weight you must do it little by little, do not force yourself to sweat and burn calories like crazy the first few days. You would only make your body ache because you are demanding too much, due precisely to your beginner condition.

Beginners' injuries are something to take care in gyms, especially when they start training without having in mind their physical and medical condition. Everything matters when you start new activities that require a lot of movement and strength.

Instructors know that beginners demand double attention, because the first days are crucial for them to adapt and know their own resistance and strength; your instructor should never put weight on the machines if it is your first time in a gym.

There is a routine for every beginner. Everything will depend on adaptation process and your expectations. There are routines that demand more cardiovascular activity and others that demand more of muscular strength, but this will be determined by the instructors.

 But what is the ideal training routine for you as a beginner? Let's see:

Circuits: this routine can be boring at first, but it is the best way to prepare your body for intense exercise. You must start working on all areas of the body: legs, arms, shoulders, buttocks, with no additional weight, just machines.

Squats: there is no better exercise for legs and glutes than squats. It will all depend on your resistance, but you can increase the number of sets and repetitions little by little.

Static bicycle: this activity does not require too much effort even though it will help you to burn calories and sweat a lot.

Calves: many instructors prefer the stairs to begin with this routine; it is vital to strengthen those areas of the body.

Preheating and breathing between sets: do not forget that before and after, you must take a few minutes to warm-up your muscles by stretching your arms and legs and a bit of walking in circles. As soon as you finish, you should also end up stretching and relaxing your muscles.

Be careful with the technique: every exercise requires basic knowledge to do it right. If you do not do it properly or you do not pay attention to the routine, you can injure and it will not be the instructor's fault but yours.

Beginners should do controlled physical exercise, so the intensity of the exercise will depend on things like the number of repetitions, the number of exercises to be performed, the training time or the amount of weight to be lifted. In this case, do not try to put the intensity above your possibilities, for example, trying to lift too much weight.

Pay attention to all these tips and I promise that the fitness life will be your best gift. See you next time…

Yelitza Coronado

Lose weight healthily and live a better life

Living a healthy life is a condition everyone wants. Human beings are always looking for reasons to be happy and to have a good image. Many people lose their purpose in the way because it is not easy to achieve objectives that are not well-defined, as well as the sacrifice degree they are willing to put and the maturity of their commitment.

We all want a perfect figure because we need to get validation from those around us, we are waiting for their approval without getting to think that this is the only body we have and therefore we must value it and start loving it just the way it is.

Achieving this acceptance is the first step after asking the first question. Which things do I really want to change about my lifestyle and my body? When you give yourself a sincere asnwer, the change begins.

If what you really want is to have a good figure according to your size and height, then you must know that the first job is to get an agenda, calendar and notebook where you will write down all the points with which you will start the goal.

In order to lose weight, you must understand that you do not have to take off all those pounds instantly or after one week, because that will surely cause a rebound effect. No, the idea is to start checking the refrigerator and pantry to discard the foods we can not see in order to avoid temptations.

The first thing you should aim is to eliminate the sweets from your surroundings because they will come back to you once you start eating really healthy foods and the anxiety to eat sweets will be the first thing you will experience, even if it is temporary. Sugar is necessary for our bodies, but it must come from fruits or sweeteners to avoid consuming more refined sugar, which is always transformed into accumulated calories.

Lowering the pounds according to your body shape also requires thinking that it is a habit and not a need. You should lose weight to live better, to improve the quality of your life and not simply to look better. If you have clear these objectives then the work has already begun. Here I will show you some simple tips to begin and make your dream come true:

1. Reduce saturated fats consumption. Fats also help in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (those that only dissolve in fats), such as vitamin A, D, E and K. Replace saturated fats (butter, lard, sweets in general, cream and cheese) with unsaturated fats such as those we can find in olive oil, nuts, fish and avocados.

2. Do not add refined sugar to anything. Many foods, such as fruit, have fructose (a type of sugar). So if you feel like you need sugar, try to eat a fruit instead.

3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, lower banana consumption, but do not delete it. Fruits and vegetables are the main source of minerals and vitamins. Try to include them in all your meals. If you drink natural fruit juices you have to consume them immediately after having prepared them, because that is the moment when they keep their vitamins to the maximum

4. Include fish as the main source of protein. Fish's fat content is relatively low compared to meat, so it is a highly recommended food in healthy diets. The presence of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids make it the perfect food to fight against cholesterol.

5. Reduce the salt. Adults should never eat more than 6 grams per day and children should consume half. Many foods have incorporated salt and we are not conscious about it, so it is not necessary to add it.

6. Drink plenty of water. Every organ in our body needs water. Only with water, all the metabolic processes can be carried out. Also, water helps us to eliminate fat, because it transports metabolic waste. Our body continuously loses water through breathing, perspiration (through the skin), urine and stool.

7. Keep yourself active and exercise. You have heard it so many times. If you still do not exercise it is because you do not know how happy you feel when you practice a sport or exercise. It is ideal to do it daily. Exercise is one of the most interesting instruments to lose weight healthily. Do you know why? Exercises not only tone muscles and activate metabolism, it also provides a great balance in our lives at all the possible levels: mental, emotional and physical.

Yelitza Coronado


I can't help having sugar cravings, what do I do?

Eating is one of the best pleasures of life, but eating sugar is even more so. Nothing is better to calm down anxiety than an exquisite ice cream or a chocolate bar, the bad part is all consequences they bring.

The sugar we ingest can hamper our goal of losing those extra pounds and can also be harmful to our body. There are studies that indicate the dangers of sucrose on our organism, although its main function is to help in the generation of energy and the carbohydrates transportation. The biggest debate is focused on the production of caries, diabetes, obesity and arteriosclerosis, among other pathologies.

We can find sugar in everything we consume, hence we should be careful. Drinks and sodas, for example, are loaded with sugar, as well as desserts, snacks and all kinds of products that use refined sugar for human consumption.

But, having this information in mind, do you still refuse to take sugar consumption out of your diet?

Here I give you some helpful tricks for you to detach this additive from your diet:

  • Eat several times a day. When we are anxious we eat the first thing we get and usually they are always unhealthy foods, which contain sugar. By eating several times a day, in small portions, we keep the body nourished, sugar levels low and cravings to a minimum.
  • Eat more protein. Protein takes longer to digest, and that gives us the feeling of fullness for longer, which means that it won't cause us to eat sugar.
  • Avoid sugar at breakfast. By eating a sugary breakfast, you increase the chances of eating more sweets during the rest of the day.
  • Keep your mind distracted. Being busy keeps us away from bad habits, such as eating out of regulated meals.
  • Drink a lot of water. The lack of fluid in our body makes us feel hungry, but it is often just a sign of dehydration.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables. Prepare small snacks that will help you taste the sugar in another way and you will nourish yourself more.
  • Take the junk food out of your pantry. If you still have sweets close, you will continue to eat them.
  • Brush your teeth. Whenever we feel clean teeth we do not want to dirty them again, it is an effective trick.
  • And never reward yourself with candy in the night. This is the worst mistake because when we are going to sleep our body goes into rest and we can accumulate more calories. But if anxiety does not allow you to sleep, just bite a carrot stick or consume a spoonful of oats, remember that it is also important not to go to bed being full because it disturbs your sleep.

Yelitza Coronado