How do I get rid of this abdominal fat?

You get up in the morning; you look in the mirror and immediately start complaining. You think "I cannot stand this belly fat!", and then you start to plan everything to get rid of it, but nothing really works for you.

Nothing is ever more annoying, for both men and women, than those horrible stomach rolls. They look like vehicle's tires that grow with no control, because we, the ones managing that 'body' machine, are not aware of how accumulating fat can cause us consequences.

Belly fat does not only affect the aesthetics, it also causes serious health risks: arteries can be clogged, heart problems increase, triglycerides increase and you end up being overweight, trying hard to fight it.

In order to know if you are above the "necessary" fat level for your body, you should measure your waist: men should not exceed 102 centimeters and, women should not go beyond 88 centimeters. If the result is above these numbers then you must take immediate action.

Studies have indicated that this "energy reserve" in the form of abdominal fat, is used by our bodies in order to protect us from climatic changes and to help the proper functioning of our organs, but if those energies do not burn, they tend to become fatty acids accumulated in our livers and muscle tissues.

So what can we do to get rid of that abdominal fat?, Some people go immediately to surgery, but I can assure you that eating healthy foods and doing exercises you can have successful results without risking your health. Here I give you several tips:

* Avoid fried foods and refined foods. There is a large list of these "foods" that you should eliminate immediately, starting with fries and jellies.

* Go to citrus so that vitamin C acts on your body eliminating fat faster. Choose lemonade instead of soft drinks.

* Eat high-water-content fruits, such as melons, watermelons and pineapples.

* Replace candies with nuts, almonds and all kinds of nuts in small quantities a day.

* Instead of cold drinks, get them hot, it is better for your metabolism.

* Eat oats, fiber helps to eliminate toxins from your body.

* Use olive oil to garnish salads.

* Add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet.

* Drink a lot of water to keep your bowels in good shape.

* About the exercises, start with the one you like the most, just know that a certified instructor will advise you better in order to combat the problem.

You already know what you need to do. We do not suggest diets here; we just offer our knowledge so that you can learn to attack your problems from the root. Cheer up to know yourself better!, Go ahead and change your lifestyle!... It is never too late... See you next time...

Rinie Marin

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