The goal: A toned body

We all want to have a toned figure. In order to do it, you have to start with an exercise routine that must increase in intensity so you can progress.

When people talk about toning, people always think about drawing those desired squares on their abdomens, but depending on the rush we have we can make long changes in time or perform large stages like the bodybuilders do, that depends on the preferences of each person.

If a person wants to tone their body, but this person is overweight, the first step is to perform a stage to eliminate a lot of fat. This stage should not consist on countless hours of cardiovascular exercise, but you must do intense and well-planned exercises, accompanied by a hypocaloric diet. Cardiovascular exercise can be a way to go faster in this phase, but it is not strictly necessary in all cases.

When it comes to a thin person with some flaccidity, this person must start training strength and hypertrophy routines, trying to keep extra calories.

We must also forget about the myth that ensures that more weight will generate bigger muscles in a few days.

The key to tone muscles is to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. However, following an extreme diet and a strict regime of exercise can take away from your body the nutrients and energy it needs to build muscle mass and you will not achieve the goal of toning the body.

Muscle tone is also achieved by eating nutritious foods. The idea is to provide the body with the basic components it needs to increase muscle mass and make it eliminate fat so that the tone of the muscles can be appreciated. Make sure you consume enough protein, lots of fruits and vegetables, and whole grains for energy.

After the feeding comes the lifting of weights, which is the most efficient and fastest way to increase muscle mass in the most important muscle groups: legs, arms and torso. During the first week, leave a day of rest in between.

If you can not go to a gym but you still want to achieve muscle tone in your home using dumbbells, an elastic band, a ball of pilates and medicine ball, you can try it.

 Do not forget to work the torso, the results will be seen in the first two weeks.

With these little tips you will already know what to do to tone up your body. See you next time.

Yelitza Coronado

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