Get dressed to train


Exercising should be a pleasant experience in every way possible. You must know that the results are considerably better when you wear the right clothes, so today we remind you to get dress to train.

If you want to look flawless while you train, you must wear the type of fabric, color and texture that is perfect for your body. Although the training clothes are beautiful, it is not the same to see mannequins wearing them as it is to see you. The measurements and physical texture are vital to find the right training clothes.

There are certain keys to have in mind when we are choosing training clothes. In order to feel great while you train, you should choose a comfortable, fresh and light clothing. Do not dress up in fashionable gym clothes, dress up to show your figure. 

Dressing properly to do your workouts can help you train better, in fact a lightweight and comfortable clothing can give you greater resistance.

You must have in mind that many colors together can distort your image, body-tight clothing can disfigure or enlarge some areas of your body, short clothes can exaggerate your rear or legs and bigger clothes can make it very boring. The moment you are getting dress to train, your goal must be a harmonious outfit.

You do not need to wear thick clothes with a lot of texture, what you really need is: thin and fresh clothes to provide freshness to your body, as well as if you are very thin or if you are overweight you should not wear tight clothes.

It is also important to have a good attitude and show your particular style, however, you should not forget these tips:

* Never wear tight shirts.

* Do not use thick textures that prevent sweat from leaving your skin.

* You should not wear leather or plastic clothes; it is unattractive and harmful because it can heat the body too much.

* Do not wear any type of heavy wardrobe or shoes or overloaded accessories.

* Women should go to the gym with good bras.

* Do not use hairstyles or ornate make-up. You can use makeup only in your eyes and mouth so that the pores breathe.

* Never wear watches, bracelets, or large rings, no accessories that bother you when lifting weights or doing coordination exercises.

* It is not recommended to use caps in gyms, for aesthetics or because it is not a necessary accessory.

* Do not wear pants or tight tights because they do not allow you to do your leg and glute routines as required.

* Never use belts or other accessories to get people's attention.

Never forget these simple but important tips, I assure you that you will always be remembered for the way you dress to train. See you next time.

Yelitza Coronado

Rinie Marin