Fitness Club, the best option to face pollution

Breathing toxic air is dangerous for our health. The damages it causes have increased in such a way that Universities and Health Organizations are trying to warn everyone who exercise in contaminated areas; they say it is better to go to Fitness Clubs, since they are the healthiest option for us.

This atmospheric pollution issue has been considered by the World Health Organization as one of the main things that affect people's health in America.

In the last World Health Assembly, they talked about the levels of pollution in the world. These levels are so high that they are clearly dangerous for our health. We can even feel it and see it in the cities, because there's fog (smoke) everywhere, and fog has toxic components. Did you know that 1 in 9 deaths happen as a result of air pollution? This is actually serious!

The WHO wants us to understand that the air pollution can cause negative effects on our health and they can be in the short or long-term, so we must be always careful.

More Gym, less environmental pollution

According to the Zuyd University, in Netherlands, outdoor exercises are not healthy activities due to the high levels of pollution we get exposed to.

This is another serious issue caused by ultraviolet rays. They are also causing more and more skin, eyes and neck cancer. UV rays have a cumulative and sometimes irreversible effect on the skin: they accelerate the aging process and cause wrinkles.

So now, Fitness Clubs are the healthiest option when it comes to choosing a place to exercise. You can go at any time of the day and enjoy a healthy environment without pollution and without UV rays.

A good club must have a good air purifier so each one of its members can breathe healthy air, with no dust particles. Let's make the decision, let's join a healthy gym, the one that takes care of us and encourages us to pursue our goals.

Are you taking care of your health? How are the pollution levels in your city?

  Take care of your image, but take care of your organism first.

See you next time!


Yelitza Coronado

Rinie Marin