3 tips to avoid pain at the gym

If you just joined a fitness club, you must start your training carefully, so you keep pain and injuries away. Some people say "no pain no gain", but this is only a myth.

Exercising involves a muscles’ warm-up that should not hurt too much, if the pain occurs permanently, it is because your joint is hurt or you’re training too hard.

Adding intensity and time to your routines won’t be better than a one-hour class. You should actually care about the way you do it, not the amount of time you put into it.

The first days are vital to get used to it and know how our body reacts to movements. Joining a gym can cause stress, expectations and some pain, because the body is adapting to the new routine. It is important to tell the instructor if we’re feeling pain. If we feel muscular pain in the area we just worked, it is totally normal. What common sense tells you is that you worked a few more muscles than you’re used to.

The second day in a Fitness Club you’ll feel pain in your upper and lower limbs, but it is totally normal too. The common mistake is to stop exercising because of pain. Overcoming the first week is the first triumph. According to the sports medicine doctor Carlos Blum, if you finished the first week you’re already a winner and if you exercised beyond the month, you’re a champion.

Blum says pain can be avoided if people are clear with their goals. If you want to lose weight, try cardiovascular exercises between 30 and 60 minutes; but if you’re skinny, you should spend less time doing cardio and your training should focus on the weights. That’s what’s allowed in both cases.

From a medical point of view, the muscle pain and stiffness you experience usually 48 hours after exercising, has a name: Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This means feeling a slight pain, stiffness, loss of strength when you train and, in some cases, some inflammation.

There are different theories about this post-exercise pain. The most accepted one is that the sudden increase in the demand on a muscle or a muscle group causes microscopic damage to the fibers, which results in pain or stiffness.

The question that you surely ask yourself is: can you avoid this pain? The answer is No. But you must keep in mind these 3 tips to avoid pain at the gym:

1. – Your trainer must guide you in your first routines, don’t try to do it your own way. If you’re a beginner you’ll need a slow but safe type of training.

2. - In sports, doing too much is bad. Over-exercising is unhealthy for your muscles. Remember not to "train your ego", but your body.

3. - The best way to avoid pain is to go against the flow. If you stay in bed because the pain dominates you, then you’d have lost the battle. The post-exercise pain lasts about 3 days, but don’t wait for it to be removed to continue training.

Yelitza Coronado

Rinie Marin