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Improve your self-esteem with an active lifestyle

You get up, you look at yourself in the mirror and you ask yourself the same questions every day. You go out and you feel like nobody looks at you. You used to receive a lot of compliments before, what happened? What changed? The only problem is your low self-esteem. This can happen to anybody. If you want to improve your self-esteem, an active life will help you.

Looking good not only depends on nice clothes and accessories or a good haircut and make-up, it also depends on having a healthy body.

When you live with low self-esteem you have a negative perception of your body and you tend to look ugly; if you are overweight the negativity is bigger. Therefore, no medicine will be more effective than sports, because exercise produces endorphins, and endorphins produce happiness.

Endorphins are neurotransmitter hormones and they produce happiness from the brain. They increase exponentially with intense physical exercise. They are responsible for reducing pain and providing a positive mood and wellness. With physical activity our level of endorphins increases and our body chemistry predisposes us to see life in a much more positive way.

It is known that low self-esteem leads to problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, and if the person does not realize about this predisposition soon enough, it can cause more serious problems, but how to know when it is necessary to get active to avoid this?

Pay attention to these symptoms: You are insecure, you do not express your likes or opinions for fear of being rejected or for thinking that your opinions do not have the same value as the opinions of others, you do not feel worthy of the good things of life, you do not strive to get what you want, because you think you will not achieve it in advance, you do not relate to others as you would like, you need the approval of others all the time, you let them impose you things, you see other people as superior to you, you do not make decisions, you always think about your weaknesses, you do not feel attractive, you envy other people, you are almost never happy with what you do and you never show a happy attitude.

Did you know that exercises can improve your self-esteem and make you feel happy?

Exercises provide a healthier mood to our lives. So, what does exercise actually do to improve our mental health?

Check these tips:

* It improves your posture: exercise helps to align the back and joints. A straight, firm posture speaks about the kind of person you are. Erect back is the key.

* It provides tonicity: movement makes you lose fat, so you start noticing muscular tonicity. This helps you to look better.

* It promotes overcoming: when someone decides to make a lifestyle change with exercises, it is an important decision and it immediately affects the mentality of the decision maker, who feels brave.

* It helps to improve relationships: doing exercises is always equivalent to have some company and this is vital to improve self-esteem, because there is an added value that is received with enthusiasm.

You know that increasing your self-esteem is always going to depend on you, nobody else. See you next time.

Yelitza Coronado

How to optimize your breathing while exercising

When we are training, the oxygen demand is much higher, so we must go to continuous breathing to optimize our training session performance and get results as soon as possible. As long as we learn to breathe properly, we will avoid fatigue and our exercise will be longer.

Breathing is a vital activity when we do physical exercises; because that is the only way our muscles and tissues can oxygenate, fulfill their functions and provide energy for movement.

One of the most frequent mistakes when we perform physical exercise is to retain the air before an effort, especially in loaded exercises or exercises that require certain muscular resistance. Breathing is also an important part in the correct technical execution of any activity.

The oxygen demand increase every time we move; therefore, the body optimizes its operation to get the air it needs, but we can have a greater control over respiratory movements that allow us to improve our sport performance.

We experience fatigue because of the extra work our muscles receive, hence the need to have good blood flow and oxygen through breathing.

A scientific way to explaining breathing is that when you inhale the air it is poured into microscopic air sacs in the lungs called alveoli, where oxygen is supplied to the red blood cells and carbon dioxide is transferred from the blood to the air in the alveoli. Oxygen-rich blood flows to the heart, which then pumps throughout the body. Then, carbon dioxide is exhaled.


You should also know that the respiratory center of your brain is the one that sends the messages to the respiratory muscles, telling them when to breathe. This is automatic; you do not have to think about it.

Breathing according to each activity

According to studies an athlete can determine his level of effort during the exercise and how strong he should be breathing. For less intense exercises, such as walking, you should not breathe so hard; you should be able to hold a conversation. For intense exercise, like running, you have to breathe faster, but you should still be able to speak with short phrases.

Everything will depend on the activity. Breathing is also important when stretching. Flexibility training helps prevent cramping, stiffness and injuries. It is also noticed that the correct breathing technique when lifting weights is to inhale before lifting the weights and exhaling during the course of the lifting or movement.

There are emotional states that require good breathing. Abdominal breathing is one of the best exercises used to reduce anxiety. It is all about breathing with the diaphragm, which is the muscle that makes the lungs work. So the whole body concentrates in relaxing, and it is scientifically proven that this increases the amount of oxygen that we introduce into the brain; this causes a greater state of calmness.

In our Club we take care of you while you are in the process of accomplishing your goals. All we want is to make your start in this awesome fitness world more pleasant. See you next time…

Yelitza Coronado