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Improve your self-esteem with an active lifestyle

You get up, you look at yourself in the mirror and you ask yourself the same questions every day. You go out and you feel like nobody looks at you. You used to receive a lot of compliments before, what happened? What changed? The only problem is your low self-esteem. This can happen to anybody. If you want to improve your self-esteem, an active life will help you.

Looking good not only depends on nice clothes and accessories or a good haircut and make-up, it also depends on having a healthy body.

When you live with low self-esteem you have a negative perception of your body and you tend to look ugly; if you are overweight the negativity is bigger. Therefore, no medicine will be more effective than sports, because exercise produces endorphins, and endorphins produce happiness.

Endorphins are neurotransmitter hormones and they produce happiness from the brain. They increase exponentially with intense physical exercise. They are responsible for reducing pain and providing a positive mood and wellness. With physical activity our level of endorphins increases and our body chemistry predisposes us to see life in a much more positive way.

It is known that low self-esteem leads to problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, and if the person does not realize about this predisposition soon enough, it can cause more serious problems, but how to know when it is necessary to get active to avoid this?

Pay attention to these symptoms: You are insecure, you do not express your likes or opinions for fear of being rejected or for thinking that your opinions do not have the same value as the opinions of others, you do not feel worthy of the good things of life, you do not strive to get what you want, because you think you will not achieve it in advance, you do not relate to others as you would like, you need the approval of others all the time, you let them impose you things, you see other people as superior to you, you do not make decisions, you always think about your weaknesses, you do not feel attractive, you envy other people, you are almost never happy with what you do and you never show a happy attitude.

Did you know that exercises can improve your self-esteem and make you feel happy?

Exercises provide a healthier mood to our lives. So, what does exercise actually do to improve our mental health?

Check these tips:

* It improves your posture: exercise helps to align the back and joints. A straight, firm posture speaks about the kind of person you are. Erect back is the key.

* It provides tonicity: movement makes you lose fat, so you start noticing muscular tonicity. This helps you to look better.

* It promotes overcoming: when someone decides to make a lifestyle change with exercises, it is an important decision and it immediately affects the mentality of the decision maker, who feels brave.

* It helps to improve relationships: doing exercises is always equivalent to have some company and this is vital to improve self-esteem, because there is an added value that is received with enthusiasm.

You know that increasing your self-esteem is always going to depend on you, nobody else. See you next time.

Yelitza Coronado

Effective training for beginners

Joining a Fitness Club will always be an advantage, but doing exercises without proper instructions is detrimental. If you are a beginner, you need to get advice from the experts; they will know what you need to do depending on whether you want to lose weight or tone up your figure.

If you want to lose weight you must do it little by little, do not force yourself to sweat and burn calories like crazy the first few days. You would only make your body ache because you are demanding too much, due precisely to your beginner condition.

Beginners' injuries are something to take care in gyms, especially when they start training without having in mind their physical and medical condition. Everything matters when you start new activities that require a lot of movement and strength.

Instructors know that beginners demand double attention, because the first days are crucial for them to adapt and know their own resistance and strength; your instructor should never put weight on the machines if it is your first time in a gym.

There is a routine for every beginner. Everything will depend on adaptation process and your expectations. There are routines that demand more cardiovascular activity and others that demand more of muscular strength, but this will be determined by the instructors.

 But what is the ideal training routine for you as a beginner? Let's see:

Circuits: this routine can be boring at first, but it is the best way to prepare your body for intense exercise. You must start working on all areas of the body: legs, arms, shoulders, buttocks, with no additional weight, just machines.

Squats: there is no better exercise for legs and glutes than squats. It will all depend on your resistance, but you can increase the number of sets and repetitions little by little.

Static bicycle: this activity does not require too much effort even though it will help you to burn calories and sweat a lot.

Calves: many instructors prefer the stairs to begin with this routine; it is vital to strengthen those areas of the body.

Preheating and breathing between sets: do not forget that before and after, you must take a few minutes to warm-up your muscles by stretching your arms and legs and a bit of walking in circles. As soon as you finish, you should also end up stretching and relaxing your muscles.

Be careful with the technique: every exercise requires basic knowledge to do it right. If you do not do it properly or you do not pay attention to the routine, you can injure and it will not be the instructor's fault but yours.

Beginners should do controlled physical exercise, so the intensity of the exercise will depend on things like the number of repetitions, the number of exercises to be performed, the training time or the amount of weight to be lifted. In this case, do not try to put the intensity above your possibilities, for example, trying to lift too much weight.

Pay attention to all these tips and I promise that the fitness life will be your best gift. See you next time…

Yelitza Coronado

Burns up to 800 calories in 1 hour whit Spinning®

SPINNING® is an aerobic and leg exercise mainly, where by changing the frequency of pedaling and the resistance to movement, you can make the body burn the right calories while exercising on a stationary bike. It is estimated that with the practice of SPINNING®, in one hour you can burn between 600 and 800 calories, in addition to providing the body with other benefits such as reducing stress, helping with cardiovascular health, strengthening bones and muscles and reducing cellulite.

SPINNING® is a training system that is aimed at all ages, from children to seniors and is even convenient in rehabilitation processes, such as knee injuries.

At PLUS Fitness Club we think about everything, that's why we offer you spinning classes with highly trained personnel to achieve results in a short time through this experience. With all these benefits of spinning.

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El SPINNING® es un ejercicio aeróbico y de piernas principalmente, donde mediante el cambio de la frecuencia de pedaleo y, de la resistencia al movimiento, se puede lograr que el cuerpo queme las calorías adecuadas mientras se ejercita en una bicicleta estática.

Se calcula que con la práctica de SPINNING®, en una hora se pueden quemar entre 600 y 800 calorías, además de proporcionar al cuerpo otros beneficios como disminuir el estrés, ayudar con la salud cardiovascular, fortalecer los huesos y músculos y reducir la celulitis.

El SPINNING® es un sistema de entrenamiento que está dirigido a todas las edades, desde niños hasta personas de la tercera edad e incluso es conveniente en procesos de rehabilitación, como en caso de lesiones en las rodillas.

En PLUS Fitness Club pensamos en todo, por ello te ofrecemos clases de spinning con personal altamente capacitado para lograr que, a través de esta experiencia, observes resultados en poco tiempo.

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