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Lose weight healthily and live a better life

Living a healthy life is a condition everyone wants. Human beings are always looking for reasons to be happy and to have a good image. Many people lose their purpose in the way because it is not easy to achieve objectives that are not well-defined, as well as the sacrifice degree they are willing to put and the maturity of their commitment.

We all want a perfect figure because we need to get validation from those around us, we are waiting for their approval without getting to think that this is the only body we have and therefore we must value it and start loving it just the way it is.

Achieving this acceptance is the first step after asking the first question. Which things do I really want to change about my lifestyle and my body? When you give yourself a sincere asnwer, the change begins.

If what you really want is to have a good figure according to your size and height, then you must know that the first job is to get an agenda, calendar and notebook where you will write down all the points with which you will start the goal.

In order to lose weight, you must understand that you do not have to take off all those pounds instantly or after one week, because that will surely cause a rebound effect. No, the idea is to start checking the refrigerator and pantry to discard the foods we can not see in order to avoid temptations.

The first thing you should aim is to eliminate the sweets from your surroundings because they will come back to you once you start eating really healthy foods and the anxiety to eat sweets will be the first thing you will experience, even if it is temporary. Sugar is necessary for our bodies, but it must come from fruits or sweeteners to avoid consuming more refined sugar, which is always transformed into accumulated calories.

Lowering the pounds according to your body shape also requires thinking that it is a habit and not a need. You should lose weight to live better, to improve the quality of your life and not simply to look better. If you have clear these objectives then the work has already begun. Here I will show you some simple tips to begin and make your dream come true:

1. Reduce saturated fats consumption. Fats also help in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (those that only dissolve in fats), such as vitamin A, D, E and K. Replace saturated fats (butter, lard, sweets in general, cream and cheese) with unsaturated fats such as those we can find in olive oil, nuts, fish and avocados.

2. Do not add refined sugar to anything. Many foods, such as fruit, have fructose (a type of sugar). So if you feel like you need sugar, try to eat a fruit instead.

3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, lower banana consumption, but do not delete it. Fruits and vegetables are the main source of minerals and vitamins. Try to include them in all your meals. If you drink natural fruit juices you have to consume them immediately after having prepared them, because that is the moment when they keep their vitamins to the maximum

4. Include fish as the main source of protein. Fish's fat content is relatively low compared to meat, so it is a highly recommended food in healthy diets. The presence of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids make it the perfect food to fight against cholesterol.

5. Reduce the salt. Adults should never eat more than 6 grams per day and children should consume half. Many foods have incorporated salt and we are not conscious about it, so it is not necessary to add it.

6. Drink plenty of water. Every organ in our body needs water. Only with water, all the metabolic processes can be carried out. Also, water helps us to eliminate fat, because it transports metabolic waste. Our body continuously loses water through breathing, perspiration (through the skin), urine and stool.

7. Keep yourself active and exercise. You have heard it so many times. If you still do not exercise it is because you do not know how happy you feel when you practice a sport or exercise. It is ideal to do it daily. Exercise is one of the most interesting instruments to lose weight healthily. Do you know why? Exercises not only tone muscles and activate metabolism, it also provides a great balance in our lives at all the possible levels: mental, emotional and physical.

Yelitza Coronado


I can't help having sugar cravings, what do I do?

Eating is one of the best pleasures of life, but eating sugar is even more so. Nothing is better to calm down anxiety than an exquisite ice cream or a chocolate bar, the bad part is all consequences they bring.

The sugar we ingest can hamper our goal of losing those extra pounds and can also be harmful to our body. There are studies that indicate the dangers of sucrose on our organism, although its main function is to help in the generation of energy and the carbohydrates transportation. The biggest debate is focused on the production of caries, diabetes, obesity and arteriosclerosis, among other pathologies.

We can find sugar in everything we consume, hence we should be careful. Drinks and sodas, for example, are loaded with sugar, as well as desserts, snacks and all kinds of products that use refined sugar for human consumption.

But, having this information in mind, do you still refuse to take sugar consumption out of your diet?

Here I give you some helpful tricks for you to detach this additive from your diet:

  • Eat several times a day. When we are anxious we eat the first thing we get and usually they are always unhealthy foods, which contain sugar. By eating several times a day, in small portions, we keep the body nourished, sugar levels low and cravings to a minimum.
  • Eat more protein. Protein takes longer to digest, and that gives us the feeling of fullness for longer, which means that it won't cause us to eat sugar.
  • Avoid sugar at breakfast. By eating a sugary breakfast, you increase the chances of eating more sweets during the rest of the day.
  • Keep your mind distracted. Being busy keeps us away from bad habits, such as eating out of regulated meals.
  • Drink a lot of water. The lack of fluid in our body makes us feel hungry, but it is often just a sign of dehydration.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables. Prepare small snacks that will help you taste the sugar in another way and you will nourish yourself more.
  • Take the junk food out of your pantry. If you still have sweets close, you will continue to eat them.
  • Brush your teeth. Whenever we feel clean teeth we do not want to dirty them again, it is an effective trick.
  • And never reward yourself with candy in the night. This is the worst mistake because when we are going to sleep our body goes into rest and we can accumulate more calories. But if anxiety does not allow you to sleep, just bite a carrot stick or consume a spoonful of oats, remember that it is also important not to go to bed being full because it disturbs your sleep.

Yelitza Coronado

Using a heart rate monitor is vital for your health

Starting a fitness life, or simply starting a new lifestyle that includes exercises, always requires care, especially if you are a beginner.

These cares go from knowing that everything is ok with our body, until knowing which exercises go better with our muscles and joints. It is ideal to move forward little by little until the goal is achieved.

Now, any sporting activity that involves effort and a lot of movement, requires the adequate medical attention or at least our due interest and it is there where I believe pertinent to use devices that help to know more about our physical condition as we demand more of our body.

Among those essential tools there are heart rate monitors, which are devices designed to be worn during exercise with the purpose of measuring and recording the heart rate in beats per minute, while offering instant information on the level of work heart is doing.

According to our heart's state (do not forget that it is a muscle too) we can determine our aerobic capacity, so using a heart rate monitor will always be good to advance or decrease our activities.

Monitoring the maximum heart rate is very important to avoid that at some point in our training, we exceed our maximum beats per minute. We also can avoid problems such as cardiac arrhythmias or something more serious such as myocardial infarction.

Both beginners and experienced in the practice of physical exercise (sports, gym, amateur), should monitor their heart rates every time they perform a workout and even more when it is a high intensity workout where our heart rate can be very high.

Measuring and monitoring our heart rates or rhythms is important because it provides the routine evaluation of our heart's response to exercise, as well as recovery after completing training, in addition to establishing routines of agreement to the existing relationship between intensity and maximum force.

If you are interested in buying a heart rate monitor ask your instructor, who will guide you in that process, because we all want our training sessions to be as healthy and fun as possible instead of causing any damage to our health.

You already know that the fitness and exercise life is an added value that you are giving to your existence, but we should always be aware of our capabilities and our health's state.

It was a pleasure to talk about this topic, until next time.

 Rinie Marin

Spinning: more than a static bicycle

Spinning: more than a static bicycle

It is not aggressive with your joints

It helps you to tone and reduce volume.

It's a genuine calorie-burning sport

Adrenaline releaser

It entertains to the rhythm of music


Yelitza Coronado

Every time we decide to start going to the gym we are assaulted by a question: where do I begging?, and although there are experts to guide us in the process, we will always have doubts. To start and to keep doing the same daily routine requires having the conviction that it will give great benefits to your body and your health.

Entering a Fitness Club and looking at so many devices can cause a big impact, because you do not know if you will have to use them all to define your body, lose weight or simply gain muscle mass and tone. It is normal to have fears at this important point.

The crucial thing to start in a gym is that you need to have clear your objectives, what do you really want? So the instructor can guide you to achieve it so, don't worry, you will not use all the devices at once.

I like that bicycle

When we are looking for fitness equipment, it is easy to focus on a specific one, because of all of the advantages it offers for beginners: the static bicycle, it generates the funniest discipline in the world. We are talking about Spinning.

You see it and you think "It will be easy!", and yes, you will have to use it not only because you are a beginner, but because it is part of the exercise routine that the certified trainer will program for optimal performance.

The music along with the pedaling activity can make you release a lot of adrenaline in just under an hour. The heart reaches the maximum and the muscles get intensely exercised, so you can be sure that if to try a Spinning class once, you will want to do it again.

But what are the benefits?

* It can be adapted to your needs, whatever your level and your resistance are.

* The strength we make on the bike will depend on the resistance we put. If we are on our first classes or we have little strength we can choose a short resistance class.

* With spinning you will always be the one to determine how much you get tired, how much you can give, and how you want to do the class. The resistance of the bicycle adapts to us, to our level, and to our desire.

* Spinning does not require prior knowledge. Even if it's a sport with music, it does not require to know complicated choreographies or to take a time to learn how to enjoy a class.

* Whatever your age, and your level, I'm sure you will be comfortable in a class like this.

* It is the perfect sport to lose weight. Spinning combines aerobic and anaerobic work, because it changes the rhythm all the time. In a 50 minutes class we can lose between 500 and 1000 calories, being one of the sports that can burn the most calories in such a short time. Therefore, it will be an ideal sport if you are looking to lose weight and get fit.

* Spinning will improve your endurance, and increase your muscle mass. It helps to work the heart and strengthen the whole body.

* This discipline is ideal to tone all the lower train, to tone the abdominal muscles and especially the leg and buttock muscles. If you are looking for good legs and glutes, spinning is ideal for you.

* It is super fun, with this practice you will say goodbye to stress, because full volume music while you focus on pedaling and giving everything, helps you to forget everything for a moment.

* With Spinning you will not have problems with your knees, legs or back, as with other sports that will demand more of your legs; that are why they also recommend it for people with arthritis, since it allows moving the legs in a smooth way.

* The only drawback with spinning is that you could adopt a bad position and want to press your intensity when you are starting, so the instructor must be very attentive to all your steps.

The important thing is to start, just do it and you will see that you will not stop. CHEER UP!...

Pregnacy is not impediment to fitness

There are many myths associated with pregnancy that date from the times of our grandmothers and great grandmothers. These are beliefs that often place women in an absolute state of helplessness simply because they are pregnant. It is these myths that we must collapse to be able to carry this beautiful stage of women's lives, with the greatest enjoyment and possible profit.

One of these beliefs is precisely that physical activity can be harmful for pregnancy or for the baby that is coming. Nothing is further from reality.

Based on this, Plus Fitness Club offers different alternatives to keep you in shape even during your pregnancy period; gives you a personalized attention to encourage a routine of exercises suitable for your condition and according to the weeks of gestation that you have.

We have understood all this process and from there we have adapted our offer to different stages of your life, which will result in benefits that go beyond your physical appearance, since exercising during pregnancy allows you to more easily carry the extra weight, you will be more prepared for the physical demands of labor and, as if that were not enough, you can recover your figure more easily once your baby is born.

There are several options that Plus Fitness Club places at your disposal such as Spinning, TRX, Power Dance and Circuit Boxing; they are exercises dictated by qualified instructors to adapt them in a professional way to your state and thus be able to take advantage of these physical activities that will benefit your pregnancy in a significant way.



El embarazo no es un impedimento para estar en forma

Hay muchos mitos  asociados con el embarazo que datan de las épocas de nuestras abuelas y bisabuelas. Son creencias que muchas veces colocan a las mujeres en un absoluto estado de indefensión por el simple hecho de encontrarse encintas. Son estos mitos los que debemos derrumbar para poder así llevar esta hermosa etapa de la vida de las mujeres, con el mayor disfrute y provecho posible.

Una de estas creencias es precisamente que la actividad física puede ser perjudicial para el embarazo o para el bebé que viene en camino. Nada más lejos de la realidad.

Partiendo de esto, Plus Fitness Club te ofrece distintas alternativas para mantenerte en forma incluso durante tu período de embarazo; te brinda una atención personalizada para fomentar una rutina de ejercicios apta para tu condición y según las semanas de gestación que tengas.

Hemos entendido todo este proceso y de allí que hemos adaptado nuestra oferta a distintas etapas de tu vida, lo que redundará en beneficios que van más allá de tu apariencia física, ya que hacer ejercicio durante el embarazo te permite cargar con más facilidad el peso extra, estarás más preparada  para las exigencias físicas del trabajo de parto y, por si fuera poco, podrás recuperar tu figura con mayor facilidad una vez que nazca tu bebé.

Existen varias opciones que Plus Fitness Club coloca a tu disposición como Spinning, TRX, Power Dance y Circuit Boxing; son ejercicios dictados por instructores calificados para adaptarlos de manera profesional a tu estado y así poder sacarle provecho a estas actividades físicas que beneficiarán tu embarazo de forma significativa.‎