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Using a heart rate monitor is vital for your health

Starting a fitness life, or simply starting a new lifestyle that includes exercises, always requires care, especially if you are a beginner.

These cares go from knowing that everything is ok with our body, until knowing which exercises go better with our muscles and joints. It is ideal to move forward little by little until the goal is achieved.

Now, any sporting activity that involves effort and a lot of movement, requires the adequate medical attention or at least our due interest and it is there where I believe pertinent to use devices that help to know more about our physical condition as we demand more of our body.

Among those essential tools there are heart rate monitors, which are devices designed to be worn during exercise with the purpose of measuring and recording the heart rate in beats per minute, while offering instant information on the level of work heart is doing.

According to our heart's state (do not forget that it is a muscle too) we can determine our aerobic capacity, so using a heart rate monitor will always be good to advance or decrease our activities.

Monitoring the maximum heart rate is very important to avoid that at some point in our training, we exceed our maximum beats per minute. We also can avoid problems such as cardiac arrhythmias or something more serious such as myocardial infarction.

Both beginners and experienced in the practice of physical exercise (sports, gym, amateur), should monitor their heart rates every time they perform a workout and even more when it is a high intensity workout where our heart rate can be very high.

Measuring and monitoring our heart rates or rhythms is important because it provides the routine evaluation of our heart's response to exercise, as well as recovery after completing training, in addition to establishing routines of agreement to the existing relationship between intensity and maximum force.

If you are interested in buying a heart rate monitor ask your instructor, who will guide you in that process, because we all want our training sessions to be as healthy and fun as possible instead of causing any damage to our health.

You already know that the fitness and exercise life is an added value that you are giving to your existence, but we should always be aware of our capabilities and our health's state.

It was a pleasure to talk about this topic, until next time.

 Rinie Marin