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Spinning+ / TRX+ / PowerDance+ Instructor 

Rinie is a Venezuelan, living in Miami, with an outstanding career as a certified professional Spinning+ instructor. She is a leading business administration professional who found her passion in the health and fitness industry. This young Venezuelan has dedicated her life to improve her technique and to transmit the innumerable benefits of the static bicycle to her students. With specialized classes, where music is predominant, Rinie creates the ideal environment for the participants to let their energy and all their potential flow, so they can achieve a greater physical and mental balance. Rinie defines herself as a fighter woman, highly responsible, hardworking and passionate about exercise and about fitness in general.

Achieving your goals with perseverance should be your reason to live with enthusiasm every day.


Juan Carlos

Tae Tek+ Instructor

Juan Carlos is a Venezuelan, who has lived in Miami for 2 years. He has been passionate about martial arts and combat sports since he was 7 years old. He is currently 6th Dan in American Kenpo. He gives Personal Defense classes for children and adults. Juan Carlos was champion in the Master category for 2 consecutive years at the Pan-American Martial Arts Celebration in Miami, among others. In 2013 he received the certification in Combat Fitness, specifically in TaeTek+. That same year he began to give classes in different gyms in Caracas. His TaeTek classes offer an exclusive space for you, where the only important thing will be your physical and mental wellness. "You will oxidize calories while exercising your coordination, concentration and memory", says Juan Carlos Pernía, who defines himself as a wrestling, cheerful and committed person to his work.



Spinning+ / PowerDance+ Instructor

She was born in Belgium, but she grew up in Venezuela. Karin is a lawyer, graduated from the Catholic University of Tachira, Venezuela. She has a Postgraduate Degree in Public Administration from the University of Salamanca, Spain. She is a Certified Spinning Star 3 Instructor, a Certified Hydrorider Instructor and a Certified Zumba Instructor. Karin practiced the Synchronized Swim discipline since she was 15, participating in national exhibitions in Venezuela. She already has a 5-year experience as an indoor cycling instructor. Just like her fellow instructors, Karin currently lives in Miami and is a founding member of Team Spinning Miami and an active member of the Tri2one, which is one of the most established Triathlon teams in Florida. She is defined as 100% proactive, enthusiastic, efficient, kind, positive, honest, committed, punctual and a teamwork lover.



Spinning+ Instructor

Indhira is an enthusiastic young Venezuelan; she lives in South Florida just like Juan Carlos, Rinie and Jennifer and she is always seeking to strengthen her personal and professional growth. She is an industrial engineer, certified in Spinning with a + Star 1 instructor degree. Indhira has already 15 years of experience as a Spinning instructor or Indoor Cycling. She perfectly masters the Karate, a discipline she has practiced for 20 years, achieving the title of Black Ribbon 1st Dan. This Venezuelan is also happily married and has 2 children, currently waiting for the third; this does not stop her because she really loves giving her Spinning + classes and observing the results in her students. Indhira can be defined with these three words: punctuality, respect and dedication.


Jose Angel

Spinning+ / TRX+ / CircuitBoxing+ Instructor

Jose Angel is from Caracas, Venezuela. He has a degree in Social Communication from the Santa Maria University and he is a certified speaker from the Central University of Venezuela. This outstanding communicator has extensive experience in production and assembly of events, but he really found his true passion in sports disciplines. Jose Angel is 3rd Dan in kickboxing, graduated from the TAEKION School and was a trainer at the boxing school Ramón "Mocho" Navas in Venezuela. He is also a certified Spinning + instructor. This young Venezuelan instructor, living in Miami, defines himself as a faithful believer that with a healthy body we will always have a healthy mind. That is why he puts all of his passion into his work, in order to make sure his students get that premise and enjoy a greater quality of life. He considers as his main characteristics: his passion, dedication, enthusiasm and perseverance.



Spinning+ / TRX+ Instructor



Spinning+ / Body Sculpting+ Instructor



Spinning+ / Body Sculpting+ Instructor

Jennifer is a young Venezuelan, also living in this land of opportunities. She began her career as an educator, accumulating 5 years of experience in primary and secondary education, thanks to the Teaching Diploma obtained at the UNEFA. She is a university technician in computers, she also has as a degree in languages, English mention. Jennifer is also a certified Spinning+ instructor by Mad Dogg Atletics, and by the Royal Ryder. She has 4 years of experience in spinning and other indoor cycling methods. Jennifer is known for being passionate about sports and healthy lifestyle for the last 15 years of her life. There are two perfect characteristics to define this young wife and mother of three children: passion and versatility. Jennifer really loves to teach Spinning+ and she also loves to make her students feel great, providing not only good training but also fun and good music each class.



Spinning+ / Body Sculpting+ Instructor